for language learners it would be helpful to have a forum where they can exchange learning strategies.

there is a need for a “language learner forum” to discuss experiences and give advices for those who need them. Some learners are professionally trained teachers or have extensive experiences with learning languages and are eager to share their tips and techniques. Those learners who would benefit the most sometimes find out about resources and solutions too late at their training. Such discussion forum would be a valuable platform for language teachers, too, they can observe what students are talking about and what they are needing.

Networks and Forums on the web can serve as platform for a language learners community. For instance, SocialGo or Xiha allows members to discuss a topic of common interest.
Social Go has free and paid version. It can be set up as private network or public and can be moderated.

Xiha is a networking site allowing people to find people with common interest and let them exchange messages in any language, because each post has a built in translator button. It translates from/to any language. It is the Google Translate feature. Interesting, check it out.

A shared email account can be set up, such as You need this email to set up a network at
At social go you would set up a shared account (not a personal one) so multiple admins can manage, for instance “learn2learn”
Multiple people can take the role of being the administrator of such shared email account and website account.

I chose a discussion forum type for this account.

Since it is public, anyone can read it.
if it is your first time, you need to become a member

USER to become a member follow these steps:
1. GO TO: and click on the Sing Up Now! button
2. FORM: Fill out the form and Submit. (Note: Access Code is “tips2learn”, for email provide your gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc)
3. EMAIL: Go to your web email you entered in the signup process. Locate the confirmation email from Social go is in your inbox. Click on the confirmation link.
4. SIGN IN: You get back to Social Go. Sign in with your email and password you provided in the signup form.
5. POST: Now you are ready to add comments to posts or start your own topic.

MEMBER USERS visit the forum and post:
1. GO TO: and Sing In with your email and password.
2. READ, Comment, Post in the