QR Codes in Education (make print interactive)

Popular in Japan, created by Denso-Wave of Toyota in 1994
4296 characters/code
1.25X1.25 or 32mmX32mm

About QR Codes:

Blended Learning with QR Codes

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Where to place the code?
What to do?
real life object, such as a tree, a heart model, a painting, a project
read info about it, how it works, how it was made
vocabulary list in a book or on a worksheet
listen to pronunciation
task sheet
check correct answer
wall calendar
catch up with an event details in case you missed it
tutorial video
link to a web site
back of a book
read review
subscribe to podcast or other RSS
conference handouts
get additional info
play audio/video greetings
training manual
watch online video tutorial of steps
field trip syllabus
get additional info on trip locations
school fieldtrip flyer
watch videos about location to visit
posters in sharefair
get additional info at web site
smartboards in classrooms
read brief instruction on how to turn on/off
connect to online portfolio
conference nametags
add to contacts
school flyers
contact info (email, phone, address)
find supplemental materials
watch video demo on how to prepare it
telephone directory
get more info about the person/business
end of newspaper article
read additional related
dvd jacket
watch trailer
trivia question
type answer in a form
business card
add to contacts or to go to website or LinkedIn
like us on Face Book
get a coupon
online presentation
access original resources/articles
reading assignment
read comprehension questions
contact info section
access google map to find a location
objects to buy
show price tag in a shopping roleplay exercise
get additional info
worksheets, handouts
get additional info
labels to paste it into manual notebook
access online finished collaboration product
(http://en.linoit.com/), class blog
dynamic code (snap.vu)
email signature
email address to send email via mobile
blog comments
access related info
various locations in the building
provide a virtual tour for visitors
web page
access its mobile internet site
consumer goods
get coupon for a special offer
learn how the word is used in sentence, picture, audio, video
explain goals (stickybits.com allows multiple authoring),
access an online tool to use, watch a tutorial to get help
research assignments
access best resources, databases
access what is missing in the printed version
book covers
access booktrailers (wiki, blog, video, audio)
various locations or task sheet
access clues and instructions in a scavenger hunt game
show what is inside
sticker placed in a book/notebook
lead students to more relevant info
bulletin board in classroom/hallway
access online info, send email
watch video on how to use it
any physical object
download docs
students submit assignment
access to cultural info
email signature
add the URL/email link to the image as hyperlink
in a library
video tutorial on catalog search, opening hours
on library books
read a like list, comments, reviews
goodies, promotions
multiple choice tests
to assess learning
bookmarks, leaflets
to renew books online, contact info, hours
on shelves
link to ebooks or additional resource
next to newest arrivals
link to book review
on book cover
to link to most relialable online resource
throughout library
connect to audio tour of the specific collection or how to use it
on library door
with email
youtube video playlist
Second Life sim
mobile website/info on person on coin
birthday card

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How QR Codes Work?

Scan the codes below with your installed QR code reader or click on the code with your mouse.
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