Twitter for Communication in Learning and Teaching

1. What is Twitter?
  • microblogging web site where users can communicate by answering this simple question: What is happening?

Twitter_At_A_Glance - IMPROVED!

2. How does it work?
  • you create an account
  • set a goal
  • tweet regularly to attract and retain followers
  • follow others to be followed

3. How can it be used for education?
  • discuss class material
  • connect with experts
  • live tweeting during presentation/in class/in a computer lab/on a Smartboard screen
  • share new and relevant information and use as reference
  • assessing what students are learning, asking, talking about
  • informal conversation
  • translation
  • a word/question/phrase/idiom/synonym a day
  • students observe as instructors interact
  • teachers observe students interact

Academic Excellence in 140 Characters

Twitter when used meaningfully in education, increases class bonding, engagement and grade levels.

Lesson 1. Getting Started with Twitter

1. Introduction to Twitter
2. How to create a Gmail account
3. How to sign up with Twitter
4. How to create your first tweet
5. How to Follow to get Followers
6. How to customize your account
7. How to navigate the interface

Tweet! Tweet! : Using Twitter to Reach Audiences from Richard Harrington on Vimeo.

Twitter Facts
Twitter Facts & Figures

URL Placements in tweets
Twitter in other countries:
China has blocked Twitter and Facebook. They have: (China Twitter) (China FB)