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Wikis for Collaboration in Language Learning and


Easy - Powerful - Relevant

What are wikis?

  • Hawaiian 'wiki-wiki' means very quick
  • websites, that can be viewed and edited by many
  • collaborative
  • collective knowledge

How do wikis work?

  • hosted (wikispaces, pbworks, wetpaint)
  • anyone/anywhere
  • public/private
  • wiki text editor
  • text-based/multimedia

How can wikis be used for learning/teaching?


  • curriculum development (text book, supplements)
  • course syllabus
  • lesson plans
  • course notes
  • glossaries
  • research
  • contacts
  • resources


  • FAQ
  • group collaborative assignments
  • research
  • brain storming
  • essays
  • course notes
  • assignments (E.g.: Booktrailers)
  • wikibooks (E.g.: Wapedia, Wikibooks)


  • easy
  • engaging
  • accessible
  • problem based learning
  • collaborative

Getting Started with Wikispaces

This Youtube playlist includes the following steps:
  1. How to set up a new account
  2. How to create a new wiki
  3. How to create a new wikipage
  4. How to edit a wikipage

Lectures on wikis in education

Lectures on wikis in business

Six Ways to Use a Wiki
How wikis can be used for organizations? (notes from this video)
Email has been overused and abused for purposes that it was not meant to be used.
Used as a teaching tool and also collaboration among teachers.
  • meeting management
  • project management
  • email
  • documentation
  • administration


  • Wikimedia (wiki software)
    • Wikipedia (user generated encyclopedia)
    • Wikibooks (textbooks)
    • Wikitionary (multilingual dictionary)
    • Wikiquote (collection of quotations and proverbs)
    • Wikinews (news written by users)
    • Wikispecies (plants, animals, bacteria, etc.)
    • Wikisource (free online library of fiction, poetry, biography, photographs, etc.)
    • Wikiversity (to provide a repository of learning resources in Humanities, Arts, Education, Media, Learning projects, etc.)

  • PBWiki
  • WetPaint
  • Wikinotes
  • WikiWikiWeb
  • Wikispaces
  • Wikimania (annual international conference of the Wikimedia community)
  • PBWorks
  • Wikieducator


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